Small Hands Collection is Launching!

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Small Hands Collection is Launching!

As I have begun this endeavor of creating my own brand and launching my website my children have been by my side cheering me on.  They love crafting as much as I do as we do it often.  

I decided to begin teaching them a bit about money and business while letting them get involved with my entrepreneur mission . I am letting them create the "Small Hands Collection", a small collection on my page to create their own jewelry to sell.  The profits that come from the sales will go to buying more supplies for their line and a portion for them to put aside into savings for a Disney Vacation!  They will get to learn responsibility and money smarts while having tons of fun creating. 

I hope you enjoy the collection, they sure do have fun creating their jewelry.  The pieces are made with love and small hands and they are excited to be saving towards their own personal goal. Help support these small hands and find something pretty in the meantime.

More items to come your way!

With Excitement,


Owner and Designer


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  • Mira

    I LOVE THIS!!! SO inspiring!! Look at those strong, small, and SMART hands!

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