Debut of Meraki by Misty

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Debut of Meraki by Misty

The Debut of Meraki by Misty 

Be bold. Be Beautiful. Be Definitively you.

μεράκι : Meraki. ~ The soul, the creativity, the love put into something.

These are the words that sparked Meraki by Misty. I have always had a passion for jewelry and have created my own pieces for a long time. Once I had my daughter, my love for the beauty of what I could create really blossomed. She was fascinated by my collection of accessories. One of my favorite parts of my day quickly became getting dressed in the morning. Her little face would dreamily stare at me and she would gleefully help me pick out earrings for the day, of course ones that would compliment my outfit.
Her joy did not escape me, it just fueled my creativity. Eventually this led to me diving head first into creating Meraki by Misty. I just took the leap and decided I would share my love of beautiful accessories with everyone around me. I create pieces that help someone be bold, express their personality and their essence through adornment.
Thank you for letting me share my passion with you.
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