Dude's Den by Meraki is Launching!

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Dude's Den by Meraki is Launching!

After creating Meraki by Misty, my kids opened the "Small Hands Collection" and I began teaching them the art of making jewelry by hand. Eventually my husband started asking me if there was a way I could create a few pieces for men or boys.  Funny enough, that had not even crossed my mind!

I have attended a lot of boutique and craft shows. I am no stranger to shopping and a lot of time my husband and son come along with me. I see the same scene, husbands and sons bored and trying to pass time while the ladies around them shopped. I haven't seen a lot of places offer items for men in the way of jewelry. 

So, I started teaching my husband as well. Nights at our house became all of us crammed into my office, me teaching all three of them to make jewelry. Soon, they were off on their own creating. My husband and son took over the guys line. 

Out of that, has come the Dude's Den by Meraki. All pieces made and approved of by boy and man (otherwise known as my husband and son). We will be launching the new collection in June and I can't wait to show you what they have been up to!





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